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Review of study design, suggested analysis approach, exploratory data analysis requirements.

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Proficient in Frequentist Statistics, Machine Learning, and Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis.

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Available to present on various topics in data science (topics available upon request).

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  • 2021 - Present Principal Scientist - Innovation

    Tasked with researching and creating bespoke analysis methods to monitor, predict and forecast changes in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) based on data derived from smartphones. Inspiration for these approaches has come from complex systems science (e.g. Recurrence Quantification Analysis), optimal control theory (e.g. Licitra et al., 2018), electrical engineering (e.g. Single Input Single Output systems), and neuroscience (e.g. Subtype and Stage Inference).
    Company - Neurocast
    Duration - 1yr [2021 to present]
    Location - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2020 - 2021 Medior Data Scientist

    The main data scientist assigned to conduct analyses in collaboration with the Amsterdam University medical center. This collaboration, intended to validate the use of smartphone interactions as a means to monitor and predict Multiple Sclerosis (MS) outcomes, led to a cross sectional journal article, a responsiveness journal article, and a longitudinal journal article.
    Company - Neurocast
    Duration - 1yr [2020 to 2021]
    Location - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2019 - 2020 Machine Learning Engineer

    Created a machine learning workflow and conducted an assortment of machine learning analyses (SVM, Random Forests, Multilayer Perceptron etc.) to predict MS outcome measures using keystroke data. These analyses were all internal but an example of an approach similar to what was done may be found here.
    Company - Neurocast
    Duration - 1yr [2019 to 2020]
    Location - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2018 - 2019 Junior Data Scientist

    Applied nonlinear time series analyses - specifically dynamic complexity to keystroke dynamics in order to match fluctuations in the keystroke data with clinically relevant changes in outcome measures. This culminated in the following journal article: Twose et al, 2020. Also looked into the use of Mixed Effects Random Forests to predict MS outcomes whilst taking into account the hierarchical nature of clinical data and still applying a nonlinear approach (in contrast to Linear Mixed Models).
    Company - Neurocast
    Duration - 1yr [2018 to 2019]
    Location - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2015 - Researcher College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen (CBG) (medicines evaluation board)

    Created a functioning medicines relational database; researched vector autoregressions to predict adverse events; researched scientific advices to change the protocol the CBG uses to regulate antidepressants.
    Company - CBG-MEB
    Duration - 1yr [2015 to 2016]
    Location - Utrecht, Netherlands

  • 2015 - Research project at UCR (part time)

    Measuring perceived stress levels, coping strategies and physiological correlates in UCR students at times of high and low workload: Selected to undertake this study for the management of University College Roosevelt to influence policy decisions on the protocol the university uses to combat stress in students.
    Company - University College Roosevelt
    Duration - 1yr [2015 to 2016]
    Location - Middelburg, Netherlands

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